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Bishop Cohen Gary Reckart, Tampa, Florida                                             

       Bishop Reckart comes from Tampa Florida and is greatly gifted in scriptural scholarship.  The profound insights God has presented through him seriously bring into question the validity of all churches that do not profess the one-ness of God through baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38).  He believes the church of Jesus is the one described directly in the bible.  It was begun thousands of years ago but the gates of hell still have not prevailed against it. Visit and be blessed but prepare to stay a while. It's that good!   Bishop Reckart is also the Chancellor of the Apostolic Theological Bible College (ATBC).  Getting a degree from ATBC will be one of the best endeavors upon which one could embark.  The scholarship is solid and firmly anchored in the foundation of our Apostolic faith:  THE WHOLE WORD OF JESUS CHRIST IN THE NEW COVENANT!