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I.          WHAT IS BAPTISM?

            A.  Greek Word is “Baptizo”

1.      Meaning to immerse, submerge, to baptize or immerse in or wash with water in token or purification from sin and from spiritual pollution.

                        (Scripture: M’t 3:6,11; M’k 1:8; L’k 3:16; Acts 2:38, 22:16)

            B.  To Baptize in general signification means to be identified with Christ as the Israelites were identified with the work and purpose of Moses. (I Cor. 12:13)

            C.  Believers are Baptized or Identified spiritually into the body of Christ, (Rom. 6:1-5) the Church, by one Spirit.



            A.  To Baptize in its spiritual signification means to be cleansed of  one’s sin.

                  1.   Key to spiritual salvation. (M’k 16:16)

                  2.   Where you take on the blood of Jesus.  (I Jn. 5:8)

                        a.   ...there are three that bare witness in the earth.

                  3.   Must be born of water and spirit.  (Jn. 3:5)

            B.  As stated above; when we are Baptized we are spiritually Identified with Christ as well as in the body of Christ, (Rom. 6:1-5).

                  1.   Repentance identifies us with the Death of Christ.

                  2.   Baptism identifies us with the Burial of Christ.

                  3.   Holy Ghost identifies us with the Resurrection of Christ.

                  4.   Until the Baptism is completed we are not yet identified with Christ.

            C.  The Blood of Jesus is initially applied in the water. (I Jn. 5:8).

                  1.   Blood was given for atonement in the Old Testament (Lev. 17-11).

            D.  Because Jesus was. (M’t 3:13-17; M’k 1:9-11; L’k 3:21-22).

                  1.   Jesus was our example of how we are to act and what we are to do.



            A.  The MODE of Baptism.

                  1.   As stated; Baptism is to be Immersed or

                        a.   Def. To Plunge in to something that surrounds or covers 

                  2.   As stated; Baptism is to be Submerged

                        a.   Def. To cover or overflow with water; to put under water, to plug, to go under water

                  3.   How Baptisms were done in the bible.

                        a.   John the Baptist baptized in the River Jordan                                  

                              (Scripture: M’t 3:1; M’k 1:4,5; L’k 3:3)

                        b.   Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

                              (Scripture: M’t 3:13-17; M’k 1:9-11; L’k 3:21-22).

                        c.   Philip baptizes the Ethiopian Eunuch.

                              (Scripture: Acts 8:37-38)


            B.  The FORMULA of Baptism.

                  1.   M’t 28:19 says; ... baptize them in the NAME of the FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST.  The key word in this passage is NAME.  This is a singular usage of the  word NAME and

                         not NAMES nor TITLES of one true God of which these all  are.  Indicating that Jesus is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

                        a.   FATHER

                              1.   On numerous occasion Jesus makes reference to the fact that He and the Father are one (Grk. Kice = one another). (J’n 14:10-12, 21)

                              2.   Jesus states the fact that He and made the Fathers’ name know.  The only name that he states that had the power of God was “JESUS”.                                                                                    a.   In MY name.... (M’k 16:16-18; J’n 14:13,14)

                        b.   SON

                              1.   Mary was told by the angel Gabriel; And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring a son, and shalt call his name Jesus. (Luke 1:31)           

                        c.   HOLY GHOST

                              1.   The Spirit of Christ’s name has to be “Jesus” due to the fact that it is his spirit.  Also called....

                                    a.   The Spirit of God.  (I J’n 4:2)

                                    b.   The Spirit of Truth. (J’n 14:17, 15:26, 16:13)  {Jesus said He was the truth - Jn 14:6}

                  2.   Therefore we understand by revelation from the Holy Spirit that the NAME of the “FATHER”, “SON” and “HOLY GHOST” is none other than the name “JESUS”.


                  3.   It was in the NAME of JESUS that the first converts of the original church were baptized by Peter in; thus the birth of the church.  (Acts 2:38)

a.       Peter and John came to Samaria where the saints had not yet received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  However, they had been baptized in the name of

      the Lord Jesus. (Acts 8:16)

                        b.   Peter commanded Cornelius and his household to be baptized in the name of the Lord. (Acts 10:48)

                        c.   Paul baptized the believers of Ephesus in the name of the Lord Jesus. (Acts 19:5)

4.      Based upon Isa. 28:9-13; for us to teach any scripture as sound doctrine it... Must be precept upon precept…... line upon line. The teachings of the Apostles instruct

      us to baptize “in the Name of the Lord Jesus”.



            A.  Based on Biblical examples it appears that baptism should take place immediately following ones acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ into their life and recognition of  the need to be baptized.

                  The Lord Jesus was baptized prior to beginning His ministry work in the world..

                        a.   (M’t 3:13-17; M’k 1:9-11; L’k 3:21-22).

                  2.   After the  multitude had repented on the day of Pentecost they were all (3,000)  baptized that self same day.

                        a.   (Acts 2:38-42).

                  3.   As soon as the Ethiopian Eunuch has received Christ in his life Philip took him down into a river and baptized him.

                        a.   (Acts 8:12).

                  4.   As soon as Paul’s eyes were open he was baptized immediately.

                        a.   (Acts 9:18).

                  5.   As soon as Cornelius and his household accepted Jesus Christ and were filled with the Holy Ghost; Peter commanded them to be baptized.

                        a.   (Acts 10:48).

                  6.   As soon as the Ephesians received Jesus Christ in their heart Paul baptized them.

                        a.   (Acts 19:5).

            B.  Based on the many Biblical illustrations we believe it is NOT only imperative but essential that one is Baptized as follows.

                  1.   That it is done immediately following a person’s repentance and conversion unto our Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

                  2.   That the baptism be performed by total submission in and under water.

                  3.   That the oration or diction during the administration of the baptism must to be;    “in the Name of  the Lord Jesus Christ”.

a.       NAME of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

                        b.  Scripture further states; And whatsoever ye do in WORD or DEED do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.... (Col. 3:17)



Why I Got Baptized A Second Time:

“In The Name Of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

  By Elder Howard A. Daniel Sr.




            God purposely and strategically places individuals in our life’s path that he may guide and draw us that much closer to him in order to accomplish his perfect will.  These people are divinely chosen and appointed by God that he may obtain the full glory out of our lives.  I have been blessed to have had such individuals cross my path, and for the Holy Ghost has alerted me to such acquaintances.  This volume owes much to the inspiration and motivation of such individuals.

             First and foremost I want to give thanks and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to come in to contact with such anointed and divinely appointed people.  Also, I praise God for the revelation of His great truth, which is the Lord Jesus Himself.  In addition, I want to say Praise the Lord for the inspiration to script the following words. I also want to thank my wife Tina for her love that I cherish so very much.  Your faith in God and His ability to use me is so important to me.  I love you.

             Special thanks to those very special people whom God used to plant and water this seed of truth in order that He may bring forth the increase in my life.  Elder Terah Stewart whom God used to plant the seed without down trotting nor brow beating.  I appreciate you my brother.  May God be greatly praised for the ones whom water that seed.  My Pastor and Bishop: the honorable Bishop Arlonzo Boswell of Greater Refuge Church of Christ of the Church of the Apostolic Doctrine (CAD); located in Hartford, CT. Bishop Boswell, you have been a great inspiration to many and I praise the Lord Jesus Christ that I was blessed enough to be one of


them.  I only pray that I will receive the same firm conviction and boldness to share this great truth in love;  in Jesus’ name.  Elder Lamar Belcher: Pastor of the Anointed Tabernacle of Christ, located in Hartford, CT.  My dear friend and brother in Christ Jesus who has encouraged and inspired the writings here within.


            Last but definitely not least; I want to thank you the reader for allowing the Holy Ghost this opportunity to minister to your soul.  May God’s quiet voice be as a loud sounding trumpet of revelation in your spirit as you read this account and personal testimony of  why I was Baptized a second time; in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

In Christ Jesus Name

 Elder Howard A. Daniel Sr.



            When initially witnessing to a dear friend about the Lord Jesus Christ I had no idea that it would result in the writing of a book.  Once he had receive the Lord Jesus in his heart we discussed his next step.  This of course was that he needed to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.  Salvation, Baptism and Holy Ghost was like trying to understand a Mongolian language.  I suggested to him that he do as Jesus had instructed, and “count up the costs”.  After which he requested that I explain the baptism to him from a biblical and doctrinal principal. 

             I thank God for this friend and for that opportunity to share with him unchallengeable truth as well as give my testimony as to why I got baptized a second time in the name of the Lord Jesus.  This desire or hunger to know more and to obtain more knowledge was a great joy and encouragement for me.  As I began to search the scripture it became evident to me that the best way to respond to this request was to simply give him the word that I received which convince me to seek earnestly the truth from him who was the “Truth”.  I ask the Lord Jesus Himself in what way should I be baptized as far as the o as I went down into and under the water.  It became clearer and cleared as I allowed myself to be humble and not try to justify the way I was baptized the first time; but simply accept whatever the Spirit of Christ spoke to me.  I was now a bride of Jesus Christ.  I was to be married to Jesus Christ.  When Tina and I were married she became Tina Daniel; Not Tina Howard’s Wife, Not Tina  Almeda Daughter-in-law.  No, she took on my name as my wife.  This alone caused me to seek to know more.  The key scriptures that really did it were Isa. 28: 9-13 and Col. 3:17.  After careful study, prayer and meditation of these scriptures the Holy Ghost spoke plainly and through simple reasoning instructed me to do  what


I now know, and was convicted and convinced then as biblically correct; PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS AND GRACE!!!  The revelation was so simple and clear and that’s why I got baptized a second time in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

             This book is in no way to be used as an excuse nor to be considered as an apology for the following of such a powerful revelation of the truth given to me by the Holy Ghost.  The Truth needs no excuse nor apology.  He only demands obedience to his truth.  I realized that when God gives revelation he still leaves the choice to decide in the heart and mind of the one who had received the revelation.  He expects us to obey but He will not beg, force or brow beat us to do it.  Fear of people and breaking tradition can sometimes be more overwhelming than the fear of disobeying the truth.  This ought not be my brother and sisters.  God reminded me of Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness.  God had given Moses explicit instructions to speak to a rock and water would come forth but Moses struck the rock.  The overwhelming fact is that the desired results did occur.  However, Moses was not permitted to enter the promise land because of not perform the miracle in the way the Lord had instructed him.  Many people shout, speak in other tongues as the Spirit of God gives them utterance, pray with power and results as well as prophesy.  These are all results.  My question is that which the Lord had asked me as I pondered such results in my mind; “Howard, do you want results or the promise?”

             Revelation is the key and any one who has ever received a revelation from God Almighty, truly has experienced the joy of the Lord.  Revelation can only be given to a humble and receptive


heart and mind.  This means that we have to be willing to let go of tradition and fear of man’s rejection and ridicule.  After I had done that; Oh the Joy that Flood my soul.  Something did truly happen and now I know Jesus did touch me and make me whole.  Traditional matters must be ignored, side stepped, offended and at times disregarded in order for us to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

             Dear friend, I pray that you will be courageous enough to continue reading the following pages with an open heart and mind.  I pray that you will be humble enough to hear the quiet voice of Truth.  I pray that you will be bold enough to obey the revelation of truth  that the Holy Ghost is about to reveal to you.  I believe God will bless you through the reading of this material. I further believe you will greatly benefit from the information provided in this book.  May the Spirit of Christ now have free course to an open heart that is willing to disperse from tradition long enough to say; “Lord Jesus, speak for your servant hears you”.



 This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you: in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance: that ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandments of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour. ( I Pet. 3:1,2)

             From as far back as I can remember, my childhood days were part of a family structure that included the church service every Sunday and through the week if a revival was going on.  There was early morning Sunday School, Noon Day Service, (Which seemed to last for an eternity at the time) a quick family dinner and back for the second portion of Jesus during the evening service.  It was what one would deem as a very jubilant, loud and zealous church.  A foot stomping, hand clapping, tongue talking and Holy Ghost filled church.  Yes, this was the weekly Pentecostal Church experience that I was raised to fear the Lord God Almighty.  The fears of a the young people of today were not on my top ten list in the late 1960’s.  No I did not have fears of a “Drive By Shooting”, Nor where there any need to fear the pressure of joining a street gang.  “Friday 13th” was a day of superstitious myth and not a razor handed man delighting in the filleting of human beings.  “Jaws” and “Orca” would not have been a threat to a small boy raised in a small Mid-Western town in Ohio.  No sir, no mamma; my fears were based on and prompted by the truth of Heaven and Hell are two real places.  That there is a God and there is also a Devil.  There is a place with gates of pearls and streets of gold; and there is a place of eternal fire; AKA “Lake of Fire”.  These were on the top 10 of my “Things to Fear” list.  The fears in my childhood days consisted of God, Parents, Grandpa and a female cousin that could whip the socks off most boys her age and older.  In the midst of all of this, two things I did know.  At a very young age I knew I did not want to spend eternity in Hell and I wanted to serve God. 


            Growing up under the guidance of a Pentecostal Evangelist has its’ pros and cons.  It was

nice to be known as a preachers’ son.  However, there was the label that goes with the position; “Preacher kids are the worse ones.”  You can only imagine the number of sermons and teachings I had heard by the time I became a teenager and permitted to decide if I would go to church or sleep in on Sunday Mornings.  I recall the double fear I would get each time the pastor made an “Alter Call”.  I was afraid not to go and give my life to the Lord, but I was so terrified to go up.  It just seemed that the alter was so far away.  It appeared to be a lonely endless terrifying road that lead to the unknown judgment of my life.  Some twenty plus years later I was faced with what at the time appeared to be the death of my entire being.  As I presented my dilemma to my “God fearing” “Holy Ghost filled”, and “Praying warrior” mother, her only response was; “Boy! When are you going to get SAVED!?  These eight words stirred in me far deeper than any sermon from the past.  There was nothing like; “It will be all right.”, or “God will fix it.”.  “Boy!  when are you going to get SAVED!?” was the last thing I remember my mother  saying that night. After two hours of conversation, the ONLY thing I could remember was eight ; “Boy! When are you going to get SAVED!?  These eight words; like the eighth day of  creation, was the first day of my new beginning.   It was as if God Himself was speaking and no interference nor hindrance from anyone or anything could prevent my hearing what He was saying.  The answer, the help, the solution and the comfort was in JESUS.  He used my mother to speak eight simple words that stirred me up and would change my life forever. PRAISE THE LORD!  

             During a very quiet and lonely 50 minute drive home from my mother’s home at 12:30 AM; Sunday, January 25, 1992; I had plenty of time to talk to Jesus about saving me.  I remember coming to the most humbling position in my heart ever and crying out to God asking


Him to SAVE ME!!  “Forgive me of all my sins and SAVE ME.”; was all I could say.  “If you will save me, I will serve you the rest of days.; is what I told the Lord in that lonely car.  The situation and retribution of it were no longer important to me.  I just wanted to know Jesus and the power of His resurrection.  He did it!!! Praise God, He did it!!!  He came into that car with me and forgave me of all my sins.  I felt a great relief and freedom enter my heart, mind and soul.  An indescribable peace that was and is simply unspeakable and full of joy.  A peace that surpassed all understanding.  I was forgiven and I wanted the whole world to know.  That very Sunday during the noon service; the “Alter Call” did not come soon enough.  The walk to the alter was a run and one full of uncertainty; but the promise I had made god was more important than the terror of making that long walk before a church full of people.  The walk was now a brief skimmer to the feet of Jesus to say one big final YES to HIS WILL!  Jesus had forgiven me in the care that brisk winter night and I was like a blooming spring rose.  I made God a promise and decided that day that I would NOT take it back. 

             I started my Christian walk by saying; “Lord there are many things that are taught by many people.  I don’t want to be confused and I don’t want to be deceived.  I want you to teach me because you said that you would through your Spirit.  Whatever you teach me that will I do.”  It was this vow that made me open up to question God about the water baptism.  A seed had been planted by a close friend and I sought the Lord and He heard me.  He was speaking through the planter, but I was not hearing Him.  The Lord knew I was young in Him and all I knew was the small mid-west Pentecostal teaching.  I was starting over after 45 years of the teachings of baptism in


the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost right smack in the face. .  I had been baptized in this same mannerism and I felt it was all right; after all the bible did say it.  I had been filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost  and spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance prior to the water baptism.  However, I was troubled in my heart, mind, soul and spirit.  I would try to ignore it, but my spirit would not be settled.  Over forty-five years of church teachings with obvious demonstrations of the power of God were proof enough to me that all was well.  Nonetheless, when my brother and friend would mention the baptism in Jesus name I found myself being offended.  Not because of the way he said it, not what he said, nor why he said it.  All I knew was that it bothered me down to the core and I couldn’t understand that.  I begin to pray and ask God to direct me in the way he would have me to go.  Like many others, I questioned God as to why did he say to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Matt. 28:19? Then there was Peter; full of the Holy Ghost, saying to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus in Acts 2:38.  The answer I received from God was that because the people denied that fact that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh.  After this answer, God asked me a question; “Do people still deny this truth today?”  My obvious answer was yes.  I didn’t know what to do at this point.  I now begin to believe and sense that God was saying Peter had a revelation of the truth and was speaking it as the Holy Ghost had lead him to do so.  How would I ; a young minister in a well established church be able to do like Paul.  When he met the disciples of John the Baptist, he offered them a more perfect way.  Jesus in prayer had now shown me a more perfect (obedient) way to be baptized.  No I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t leave a church that I loved so much and longed to grow as a child of God right there.  Jesus, What can I do? was all I could say. 

            As God would have it, He opened up a new job opportunity for me in Hartford,


Connecticut.   I  remember asking the Lord what was I going to do in Connecticut.  His response was once again, brief and to the point.  In ten simple words I found all the peace I needed to leave my hometown.  These words were; “I will give you further instructions when  you get there.” That’s all He said and I simply trusted Him for that.  I attended two Pentecostal churches  and discovered that they baptized in the Name of Jesus.  I than met a young lady on my job who so happened to be an Evangelist.  She invited me to a Church Revival that they were in.  I went to the final service and the message was “I Have To Go, I’ve Seen The Burning Bush.”  That really hit me like a wave of revelation from heaven.  The Lord told me to stay right here.  The church was Greater Refuge Church of Christ under the leadership of Bishop Arlonzo Bozwell.  Unknown to me at the time was the fact that this was an Apostolic Doctrine church that baptized in the name of Jesus.  It reminded me so much of home in more ways than I care to discuss at this time; but it was where my soul and spirit felt at peace.  After attending a couple of services there, the ten words of the Lord; “I will give you further instructions when  you get there.”, began to stir in my spirit once again.  Why had I only been able to find or had only been directed to churches that baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?  What was God trying to tell me?  These and questions like them continued to stir all the more within me.  Praise be to the Lord Jesus!!  It was at Greater Refuge where God used Bishop Arlonzo Bozwell to present to me the teaching of the bible as it pertained to the principles of the baptism.  I was once again faced with the choice of tradition or truth.  I learned quickly that if you have a situation that you aren’t sure of, the only sensible thing to do is to pray and pray and pray and to pray some more until  you hear clearly.  Humbled with a willingness to obey no matter what it may cost me was the approach I took in seeking the answer to my stirred up heart, mind and soul.  I said to God that I would do whatever he instructed me to do. 


            God knew I was sincere and he began to reveal to me great truths that I had never thought of or meditated on before.  It was not man that spoke now, but it was the voice of the Almighty God informing and instructing me.  These truths stirred me up until I said one big YES to JESUS.  Such truths as; the only ones in the bible that were afraid, troubled or offended by the name of Jesus were the Jewish leaders and demons.  (THE STIR)  Isaiah 28:9-13 declares the guidelines for preaching or teaching a sound doctrine as; “FOR PRECEPT MUST BE UPON PRECEPT, PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT; LINE UPON LINE, LINE UPON LINE; HER A LITTLE AND THERE A LITTLE.” The wording of the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost was used only once in relationship to the baptism.  On the other hand, “in the Name of Jesus” or a variation of it was used plainly over four times. (THE STIR) The singular use of the word “NAME” in Matt. 28:19 and not “NAMES” further lead to a pondering heart.  This writing and usage of the singular word “name” leads one to understand that the NAME of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is one single name. (THE STIR)  Another point was that Jesus said that he in the father were one.  He told the disciples that when that saw him the saw the Father. (THE STIR)  Jesus said he had made the Father’s NAME known.  The ONLY name that Jesus said would have power was the name JESUS itself. (THE STIR) These things all stirred me up to say; “Lord what would you have me to do?”  The revelation now was clear to me and I was willing to do whatever God instructed me to do.  Obedience to revelation of the truth was what God wanted and I was instruct to be baptized in HIS NAME.  Someone might say what’s the big deal?  I will tell you the BID DEAL in five words.  OBEYING THE WORD OF GOD!  I had made a promise to the Lord three years earlier and I was determined to know the truth and obey.

            After the baptism this second time there  was a definite difference.  You may say what was the difference.  What new thing or added power did I receive.  I will simply say it was as the


freedom that I felt during the ride home that evening on January 25, 1992.  It was simply unexplainable and can only be experienced.  That how salvation was for me when I first received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Now I was actually and literally receiving the fullness of his name.

             My heart goes out to the many people of God that are confounded by  and enslaved to the many years of tradition that keep them from obtaining all the revelation that God desires to unveil before them.  Jesus spoke well when he had informed the Pharisees that their traditions had made the word of  God of none effect.  (Mark 7:13)  When traditional thinking is so strong, it will prevent the hunger and thirst for truth from being filled.  Thus hindering or even stopping God in His desires to change us or show us a more perfect way.  Thank God that the disciples of John the Baptist were not so traditionalized that they could not receive truth when God was using Paul to reveal it to them.  My dear brothers, sisters, and friends; you must have a burden for obedience and a desire to truly know Jesus and the power of His resurrection.  I firmly believe that if tradition is forsaken long enough to hear God with a true willingness to obey if even means to change;  I am convinced Jesus is saying;  “Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

            One may ask me why I got baptized a second time in the name of the Lord Jesus.  The only response is that after much prayer and conviction I was ready to hear what God’s opinion was.  It took me awhile to understand this is by revelation.  Peter admitted that they believed that Jesus was the Christ.  Jesus said FLESH AND BLOOD had NOT REVEALED this to him, but it


was revealed by God HIMSELF to Peter.  This type of revelation gave me the humility and boldness to say that the Apostolic Doctrine was what the beginning church followed (Act 2:41) and it was the correct way God had desired from the beginning.  I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it truly is the power of God unto salvation.  To know Jesus is to know the  Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  In other words; in Jesus dwell the entire Godhead bodily and whatever we do in word or in deed we MUST do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is why I was Baptized A Second Time: In The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The above has simply been my personal testimony of the things that stirred me up to seek God for revelation.  He will give us the revelation if we are willing to obey it.  He will not force us nor tell us what to do.  He simply expects those that love him to obey once the revelation is given  Upon the completion of reading the following information, I am convinced that you too will be stirred to the truth that Peter, Paul and Philip obeyed Jesus when they baptized in His Name.  Knowing Jesus is more than a testimony, it is greater than a song and more powerful than the gifts of the spirit.  To know Him and to have His name applied during the water baptism is the beginning of knowing Him in the power of His resurrection.

            The following chapters are not this writers’ opinion but information that I pray will stir you up to seek God’s face and ask Him what he would have you to do.  Ask Him to unveil the truth of water baptism and demonstrate to the world and to God that you would rather obey than sacrifice. Remember this:  Repentance and remission of sin were both by revelation.  You did them both upon seeing the terrible state that Satan had you in.  Upon obtaining this revelation God expected and commanded us to be saved.  (No man comes to Him except He draws him.) When the revelation regarding baptism is unveiled to you, God expects and commands that you  be Baptized A Second Time: In The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



       As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.   The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.  John didbaptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.  (Mark 1:2-4)

             As we read the scriptures it becomes very evident that Baptism was an extremely vital part of God’s plan of salvation. We see John the Baptist preparing the way in the Jordan River.  What exactly was he doing there?  He was baptizing people for the remission of sin or because they repented.  So important was it that our Lord and Saviour was baptized and he knew know sin.  (M’k 1:9; 2 Cor. 5:21)  However, He was to be an example for all that wished to take up their cross and follow Him.  (J’n 13:15)  The very first sermon preach on the day of Pentecost, in which 3,000 souls were saved included the baptism as part of the equation for salvation. (Acts 2:38-41)  The testimonies go on and on to illustrate that Baptism is beyond a shadow of a doubt part of the Bible’s teachings. 

            Okay, you say; “ You’ve made your point; but what exactly is baptism?”  Well I am so glad that you asked that question.  The Greek word for baptism is “Baptizo”.   The meaning as defined in the Strong’s Concordance is to immerse, submerge, to baptize or immerse in or wash with water in token of purification from sin and from spiritual pollution.  ( M’t 3:6, 11; M’k 1:8; L’k 3:16; Acts 22:16)  The use of purgatory by some religions would negate the necessity of baptism if one is purified in purgatory.  No my friend; you can not be purified in an unknown and non-scriptural place many call “Purgatory”.


            To Baptize in general signification means to openly confess our identifying with Christ as the Israelites were identified with the work and purpose of Moses.  If we are ashamed of Him before men; He will be ashamed of us before the Father.  Therefore we are baptized or identifies spiritually into the body of Christ.  (Rom. 6:1-5)  As He was the feet of His disciples Peter refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet.  Jesus told Peter, If he did not wash him, Peter could have no part of Him.  Peter informed the Lord not only could he wash his feet; but he could wash his hand and his head as well. (J’n 13:7-9) What a desire to be identified or a part of Christ.

             Baptism no doubt is an important part of the plan for salvation.  The Bible clearly demonstrates its utilization everywhere souls were being converted to Christianity.  This is what water baptism is.  An emergence or submerging of ones entire body into water in order to demonstrate ones identity with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet even more so it is the water baptism in which spiritually, our sins are washed away.  We understand that the natural use of the water can not wash away sins.  However, God is a Spirit and they that worship Him MUST worship Him in spirit and truth.  Therefore; spiritually the water can represent whatsoever God deems it to.  In the book of ____________ the ___ chapter and ____ verse God said he would take our sins and cast them into the depths of the sea; not the “Sea of Forgetfulness”; never to be remembered no more.  After God had opened the eyes of Paul, Ananias instructed him to be “baptized and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord”.

             It is also important to note that the only ones that were baptizes were individuals who had openly repented of their sins.  NOWHERE in scripture is it recorded that a baby or a child was ever baptized for the remission of sin.  Since this is the ONLY reason for baptizing, it is not


Biblical to baptize a child who is unaware of sin or has no understanding of repentance.  To baptize in such a case as this is futile and vain in its application.  Remember that Jesus told his disciples; “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”  (Mark 16:16)  It is well said and completely understandable by the words of our Savior that only them that believe the gospel are to be baptized.  If I am a baby, infant, toddler or and unlearn child; how can I believe in someone or something I am unable to comprehend or understand?  In every occasion in the Bible where baptism takes place it was preceded by repentance, remission of sin and belief in the gospel.  Whether by the multitudes, (Acts 2:41), by an individual (Acts 8:39, 9:17) or by a family or household (Acts 10:47, 16:33); they all had to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This faith must be confessed with the mouth and believed in the heart. (Rom. 10:8)  Oh my friend; “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed, and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? “  For this cause; we say the baptism of a child is futile and vain in its practice. 



       Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.  But John forbade him, saying I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me?    And Jesus answering said unto him, “Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.”  (Matt. 3: 13-15)  “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”  (Mark 16:16) 

            To fulfill all righteousness and to be saved how much more could a true Christian ask of God.  According to the words of Jesus these are the result of believer when they are baptized.  To feel that baptism is not necessary or that its application is not important is a grave mistake on the part of such an individual.  To leap out of a plane without a parachute would be to make a very bad mistake.  Not only would it be a mistake but fatal as well.  Such is it to take the water baptism lightly as it pertains to an individual’s  salvation.

            Jesus Christ himself was baptized, and he is our example. (M’t 3:13-17; M’k 1:9-11; L’k 3:21-22) Christian means to be like Christ, a follower of Christ.  Jesus himself instructed the disciples to baptize them that believed in the gospel that they preached.  (M’k 16:16)  It is in the water where the blood of the lamb is spiritually applied as a witness of your faith.  (I J’n 3:8)  One evening Jesus was approached by a Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus.  Mr. Nicodemus was well aware that Jesus was not ordinary man.  He realized and recognized that Jesus was sent of God.  He knew this from the signs and wonders that were done by Jesus.  Mr. Nicodemus asked Jesus what was the meaning of being “born again”.  Jesus informed him that man must be born of the water and of the spirit.  We need both baptism of the water and of the Spirit of Christ. 


            As stated before, it is in the water baptism where we are spiritually identified with Christ as well as in the body of Christ.  (Rom. 6:1-5)  When one repents that individual identifies with the death of Jesus Christ. We died a death to the ruler-ship and lordship that sin had over us.  Jesus death was on the cross when he gave up the ghost.  It was here where Jesus took on the sins of this world.  It was here where the power of sin’s dominion was “Cast Down”.  Our powerlessness against sin and the nature of sin was now a defeated foe.  When we repent from the heart and believe on Jesus Christ we defeat the power of sin to dominate us as well.  The hard shell of the seed of sin is now dead to you.  You are free from it.  You are now to go forth and bear fruit.  Therefore this seed must be planted or it must be buried. 

            The water baptism identifies us with the burial of Jesus Christ.  Christ was buried in the borrowed tomb of Joseph.  Our tomb becomes water that is borrowed from the earth.  We have died to the dominion of the original sinful nature that is within every man, woman, boy and girl.  We are commissioned to bear more fruit like ourselves.  The seed that is buried is only capable of bearing more fruit when it dies out of its old harden shell nature.  When we repent and are baptized we are now a plant that is able to bear more fruit.  We are a new creature in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17) and whatever we bear must be according to the fruit we are.  Read Gal. 5:22,23 and see what kind of fruit it is that a Christian bears.

            Final identification with Jesus comes through the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  It is this baptism that identifies us with the resurrection of Christ Jesus.  The Holy Ghost is what makes us alive in Jesus and make Jesus alive in us.  (J’n 15 1-7)  It is the very spirit of Jesus that dwells within us to insure that we maintain the power over our former captivity to sin. 

            Water baptism is also identified with the washing away of sins.  Paul said he was


instructed by Annais to be “baptized and wash way your sins, calling on the name of the Lord Jesus.”  Many scriptures refer to the washing away of our sins.  David said in what has become know as the sinners’ prayer: Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be  and I shall be whiter than snow.  (Ps. 51:7; 53:6)  David prayed, “...wash me from my iniquity (Ps. 51:2)  As state in chapter 2; Jesus told Peter is He washed him not Peter would have no part of Him.  Peter could not and would not be identified with Jesus if he would not permit the Lord to wash him.  You , him, her, me or we must be baptized if we want to be identified with our Lord and Saviour Jesus.  God can not have any relationship with sin.  By the cleaning faith (believing) and the cleansing work (baptism) we are made alive; because faith without works is DEAD.  We must be more than a hearers of the word but doers as well.