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2012-00-00-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Growing In Jesus

2012-01-01-COOLJC-93rd International Convocation-This Can Still Be That

2012-01-08-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Make the Leap of Understanding

2012-01-15-FRC-Brothers Of FRC

2012-02-12-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae

2012-02-19-FRC-Elder Scott Womack-From Esther

2012-03-04-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Hebrews 11

2012-03-13-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Fight the Good Fight of Faith

2012-03-18-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-God of The Living

2012-04-08-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Suffering's Purpose

2012-04-29-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae

2012-08-15-FRC-Pastor Ishmael Rivera Jr. - Worship Seminar

2012-09-16-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-A Full Commitment

2012-09-23-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Mark 7:18-24-Defiled And Clean

2012-09-30-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Change Happens

2012-10-07-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Vision or Division

2012-10-14-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-The Moment I Believe

2012-10-28-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Confront Your Past

2012-10-30-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae

2012-11-18-FRC-Elder Joseph Long-I Think Myself Happy

2012-11-25-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Time is Winding Up

2012-12-02-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Mark of Distinction

2012-12-23-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-This Is Not It