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2011-02-06-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Ministry of Reconciliation

2011-02-20-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-The Lord Will Comfort You

2011-02-22-FRC-Brothers of Faith Refuge

2011-04-10-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Lord Give Me a Clean Heart

2011-04-17-FRC-Pastor Aldae-Passover

2011-04-24-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae

2011-05-15-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-In Pursuit of Holiness

2011-05-22-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae

2011-05-27-FRC-Pastor Shawn Walthour

2011-05-29-FRC-Pastor Shawn Walthour-The Lord Know His thoughts Toward Us

2011-06-05-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-One God, No Idols

2011-08-14-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Out of Corruption

2011-08-21-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Believe the Lord

2011-09-04-FRC-Elder Joseph Gordon-Genesis 50

2011-09-18-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-The Lord Will See You Through

2011-09-25-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-I Know My Redeemer Liveth

2011-10-06-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Speak It as It is to Be

2011-12-11-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-What is Hope

2011-12-25-FRC-Pastor Jorge Aldae-Galatians 4