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2003-01-05-FRC-Pastor James Simmons

2003-01-12-FRC-Pastor James Simmons

2003-02-23-FRC-Brothers of Faith Refuge

2003-04-03-FRC-Pastor James Simmons

2003-06-01-FRC-Brothers of Faith Refuge

2003-06-22-FRC-Brothers of Faith Refuge

2003-06-29-FRC-Elder Jorge Aldae-District Day

2003-07-13-FRC-Pastor James Simmons-1st Day of the Week

2003-07-20-FRC-Pastor James Simmons-Open the Young Man's Eyes Lord

2003-09-14-FRC-Pastor James H. Simmons-Keep Your Garments Unspotted

2003-10-30-FRC-Brothers of Faith Refuge